Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I can't back down...

there's so much at stake, this is serious!!!! "

lol song from a silly disney commercial for the movie Camp Rock 2 but it relates to my life, I SWEAR.

Ok, so I didn't make a video this week because I was super busy and also...because I feel ashamed. It's not like I have been overeating, I just have been eating the wrong things. Like for instance, today I had a big bowl of cookies n' cream icecream and it was so good but SOOOO BAD :( Just little things like that...and of course it adds back up. Also, the other night I took a special someone to a Japanese all you can eat restaurant because we both love Japanese  food and although it's healthy, I just feel like I'm falling behind on this weightloss thing.

So this special someone pushes me to keep on going. I spoke with him about it and he supports me so much. He's so proud of how far I've come and I've decided that I have new goals. So while he's in Poland for two weeks (which he left yesterday for and I'm super sad) I decided I want to try to make my goal for 120 lbs by the time he comes back because we want to go to Wonderland together and I want to wear a bikini at the waterpark there!!!! Also, I also want to reward myself with something else if I do make it to my goal.

AND that reward will be to buy myself a pair of kickass stiletto heels because I love platform and stiletto heels and I desperately need some!!!!! They are hottttnesssssss ! ;D This would be a great way to celebrate my weightloss because I never really get anything expensive or awesome like that for myself.

I'm going to make a video next Sunday for sure, and I hope everyone is having a better weightloss week than I am !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring!

Although there is a storm outside, it didn't stop me f rom being happy :) I checked the scale today to see if the pizza from yesterday (and icecream sandwich I had later that day) had made me gain weight, but I was wrong. Today I weighed in at 128.6lbs!!!! I was just so surprised but I guess the huge salad and lots of water I had later on yesterday really helped out. Also, I didn't eat after 8ish so all those calories must have burned off somehow lol.

And I didn't exercise yesterday like I said because I was helping my friend get over a crisis. He was feeling suicidal and down on himself and I was so worried. I just didn't feel like working out. It took a few hours to calm him down and I think it worked but I'm not sure if it was 100%...just because he was still subtly bringing it up :( I'm going to check up on him to make sure though. I don't want to lose him.

In a few hours I have to go to work...ewww. I mean it has been getting better but you never know if the boss is in a good mood or not. I'm working from Thursday to Sunday ! That means...MONEY IN DA BANK  lolol!!!! Well wish me luck, they're probably going to put me on phones tonight, they suck because the phones are sooo low and I can hardly hear the customer on the other end!!! It's quite annoying and irritating :(

See ya!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's slowly happening...

So today I checked the scale and I'm down to 129.0lbs!!!! yay. I mean I was only at 129.6 on sunday but to me it's exciting since well...I haven't been exercising as much as I wanted to this week. I'm going to get on that today! Also, after I checked my weight my parents made pizza IN THE MORNING, WTF!! And the smell got to me and I really wanted some so I had 3 small slices ughhhh. While I was eating the pizza I just had a guilty feeling in my gut but it was so good at the same time. I'm just going to balance it out with healthy foods for the rest of the evening A.K.A salad... even though salad is so BLAH :O

I just finished dying in Metroid Prime for GameCube. Did I mention I suck at videogames but I still loveLOVElove them? Anyways, I'm going to give it a shot again later on tonight! I think I'll do much better now that I know what I'm supposed to do! LOL..

And I don't work today so I may workout and dance like Kristie suggested. I think I'll double the workout so I burn off that pizza from the morning. It really sucks to want to diet when all my parents buy and make are unhealthy and crappy food. Honestly, my mom doesn't cook so she ends up always buying microwavable crap and my stepdad does cook but he always makes either Pizza or meat with curry mixed in it. I love curry but not the way he uses it, and it has become sickening to eat everything with CURRY!!!! ugh. pleasedon'tmakemehateitpleassseeeeeeee >.>

Sorry if I sound like a complainer but I just feel like this weightloss journey is difficult when 1) I don't have money to buy healthy foods right now 2) my parents buy snacks and some foods that are bad but I like 3) I see those snacks in the fridge or pantry and i want to eat them so bad  but I need to deprive myself. So far I have been doing well except for the pizza incident today.

So yay, atleast I'm at 129.0 lbs! I literally jumped up and down. I can't wait to get to 128 now:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My first blog

I was inspired to write my own blog after reading Kristie's, and Ana's <3 I just think it would be much easier to go deeper into detail about my weightloss journey and about other things going in my life. Also, it's hard for me to talk about my problems on youtube so I think this is a great outlet for that :D People won't have to wonder why I'm upset anymore if they just read this!!!!
 sooooo.....READ IT! lolol

so I wanted to explain why I chose the username "sonniski3z"...well it's a nickname I came up with one day because my real name is Sonia and some of my friends would shorten it to "Sonny", plus I like that name too! I thought it would be super cute to end it with an "i" instead because my real name has an "i" instead of a "y" in it:) Clever huh? hahahah....>.> and then I thought i would be super rad if I added ski3z (skies) and thus my catchphrase for it was "I can make your skies sunny" LOLOL. wow I'm such a weirdo...

anyways, I hope people read my blog just to see that I'm a much more deeper person than what they see on camera because on camera I'm a nervous wreck who forgets what I wanted to say all the time!!! :(
Also, please read just to get tips from my weightloss journey. I will record stuff in more detail here!
Read the "about me" section for my weightloss stats------->

Now I'm going to attempt Metroid Prime for gamecube and see if I FAIL ....i very WELL. lolol