Sunday, October 9, 2011

OOTD: The office casual

definitely grumpy.

Brown Knit Shrug-George (Wal-Mart)
Purple long tank-Stitches
Black cotton high-waist skirt- Fairweather
Brown leather belt- my bf's old belt
Black real leather kitten heels-The Bay
Burgundy faux leather bomber jacket-Urban Planet

I am such a grumps! lol This is what I wore to my Uncle's office the other day when I visited! It was early in the morning (7:00am) when I took these pictures so please excuse the lack of expression on my face: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL!!! >.< Nonetheless, I wanted to share my casual office attire.I like to call this outfit "office casual" because it's casual but at the same time looks professional. I also tried to avoid wearing all black pieces because my Uncle's business partner always comments on how I never wear colour (which is colours are my staples). I always like to dress up when I visit my Uncle's office, because I hardly ever have situations where I need to dress up all professional-like. Plus, when I go to his office I get to do office errands such as filing , faxing, mailing, etc, so I need to look the part all the times, especially since it's an insurance business he deals with.
I also did a simple make-up look, and the pictures are below! Overall, I had a lovely day at the office as usual which ended with a delightful lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. How fitting! :) My uncle has asked me to visit him every 2-3 weeks for now on to catch up, which I would love to do. I really hope we can keep these arrangements up because I love visiting him and my aunt! They are truly special to me <3

Blue smoky eye make-up-Revlon pallette
Natural bronzer-Rimmel
"Blushing Natural CheekColour"- Estee Lauder
Usual/essential skin care stuff
"Champagne Mauve"-Avon lipstick
Gold hoop earring with purple stones-Avon
Real gold necklace & cross pendant (Canvassed texture)
Real gold bangle bracelet (Portuguese gold yeye ;D)
Real white and yellow gold ring 

I really should have done close-up shots of the accessories...^^;


  1. Your office attire is awesome, and I am so not a morning person too so I'd totally understand. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. very nice ! i love your red leather jacker :O <3


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