Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You're such a player!

Today I went to work for a couple of hours, and was sent home early which was fine because it was such a crummy day outside! It was humid, and rainy, and I was boiling in my work uniform. For work, we have to put our hair back so today I decided to do a simple updo that was inspired by Selena Gomez's "So Naturally" music video:


This my favourite Selena Gomez music video, she looks so pretty and sort of natural in it :) My updo wasn't as "poofy" as her's is, but I'm going to try to improve it next time. When I got home, I quickly changed and decided to go on a walk in the rain. The rain kind of dampened my hair-poof but I still took some pictures of my outfit...

I love red...as you can see...

Hence the title of this journal haha, "you're such a player" 
(FULL VIEW to see the detail more closely)

i love the ribbed detail on this sweater jacket :)

My boyfriend doesn't like when I put my hair back, but I think if I wore the right outfit, I could make this poofy-updo work well, and perhaps I could change his mind? I definitely have to work on making this hairstyle more poofy on the top lolol Elvis style <3 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I heart Pilates & Cardio together!

I can't fall asleep tonight...it's like 5:31am here!!! argh...I am partially an insomniac, especially when I'm alone. It's kind of sad actually. Long story...

Anyways, thought I would post about my weightloss progress. The past week I will admit, I did slack off with the exercise, and did eat a few bad things...at restaurants! But (now) yesterday, and the couple days before, I have been trying to make up for it in order to get a decent weigh-in result for Wednesday! I found this workout DVD I had bought last year that I loved! It includes pilates and cardio, and I tried it again yesterday. It's this one:
I added this DVD workout to my already-existing night  workout routine. I think I will try to do this every other day or I will just get bored too easily. I was thinking of switching between this DVD and my Zumba workout videos every other day to avoid repetition and boredom. Let's see how that goes!

Anyways, I wanted to post about my recent bikini body shot videos. I really hate that they get more unwanted attention  than my other videos. First of all, I feel humiliated and embarrassed to even show myself like that! And thus, I don't need random guys telling me to "show more," or  "you're looking good already", or any other comment that seems like they are "hitting on me." I'm not on YT to be an exhibitionist, guys. I am on YT to make friends, to be part of an amazing weightloss community, and to document my weightloss. I just wish that videos showing more skin didn't get more views than my actual talking videos. Okay, I know I'm not the greatest speaker (I'm super shy, and say "ummm" alot) but I put a lot of effort in all my videos, especially the ones where I do more than show myself in a bikini.

Also, I have read other comments on bikini challenge members videos, and I get so annoyed. It's mostly from the same people too...telling the girls to show their face with the bikini. Like...WHY DOES IT MATTER? They are not making those videos for your own amusement--they are making it for the challenge, and for themselves! I'm also annoyed with the videos that show up on my YT homepage that some of my viewers "favourite" and "like": the ones of random girls dancing in barely anything, or girls who are getting fat on purpose to please their viewers. I'm sorry, but to me that is so disturbing. I cringe just looking at the thumbnails. And I know that these are the guy viewers who are watching those type of videos.

I am grateful for all my subscribers, but I just hope they are watching me for the same reason I post videos in the first place, if that makes sense.

Just a rant, sorry guys. This has been on my mind for awhile.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keltic Rock karaoke bday fun!

Last night, I drove out an hour and a half to this bar called "Keltic Rock" where my cousin was having a bday get together. I thought I would post what I wore because I thought it looked nice, and a girl working at McDonald's complimented my hair colour :):) My cousin's friends liked my outfit too...too bad the pictures don't really do it any justice.I will get to those shortly! So, I didn't stay that long because it was rather late and I had to drive back home (another hr + 1/2). Plus, I couldn't drink which wasn't fun at all :/ I ended up just staying there for 20mins with my bf (we took separate cars), and gave my cousin her gift <3 I didn't get to do any karaoke or watch my drunken cousin sing but she did text me about it ;) My bf ended up driving alongside me back home, which made it fun because we like to think that we are in Fast and the Furious! LOL
make-up: brown & cream tones/natural blush & bronzor/ deep brown-purple lips

rather terrible picture, but I wanted to show the whole outfit ^^; (back at home)

back at home

 I really like my hair colour too! It has a mix of caramel and red <3

Friday, May 6, 2011

Party on a Bus!

Hello there,

I know, I know, I'm super late with a blog about the work party I went to last Monday, but here it is and some pictures (LOTS actually) to make up for it!!! All I have to say is: it was amazing. The limo-bus we rode to the hall and back was probably the highlight of the night! lol There was a bar in it, so my friend and I brought most of the liquor and distributed to the other girls. I know...bad role models we were! tsk tsk lol! Here is most of us on the bus:

the back of the bus

As for how I styled up my hair, I didn't end up doing the double braided-hair headband because I tried and it just made my hair look super short!!! So instead, I curled my hair with heat rollers (like Addie just bought ;D) and braided two long strands of my hair like this...LOL:
excuse the hereditary bagginess (plus lack of sleep) under my eyes...ugh...lol

the finished look ;)
full body shot, at the restaurant I work at!

 I let my hair down with loose curls, and pinned some hair behind, and added a brownish headband!
On the way to the hall (which was an 1hr and a half ride to get there) we blasted the sound system and danced on the bus the whole way there. Also, we had tons of alcohol...especially me and my friend Sharon b/c we were pretty much the only ones of age to drink! hahah I guess I will insert some [drunken] dancing and posing pictures:
at the bar, where it all started...lol ;)

falling over eachother on the bus, it was hard to keep balance!

lol definitely partied like rock stars on that bus! The party at the hall was fun too, we danced it up on the floor and represented our restaurant location so much!!! We were pretty much trying to best every other restaurant location there but cheering the loudest, getting on the dance floor first, and just showing we're the BEST of the BEST hahah. I don't remember arriving there, it happened so fast! All I know is, I tore up the dance floor with the girls and made a fool of myself as well..but I won't go there ^^; LOL.
the arrival of most of us from our restaurant location: The Mandarin (BARRIE, ON)
my girls dancing up on the stage!!! represent!

drunken dancing!

me and the girls dancing it up some more!

me and my friend Liza, trying to be sexy haha >.< she succeeds though!
Sorry for the long post, but it makes up for my lack of blogging. Again, it was a night to remember <3 Remember to always party like a rock star like these girls!!! YEEE YEE :) :

my fave pic <3