Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keltic Rock karaoke bday fun!

Last night, I drove out an hour and a half to this bar called "Keltic Rock" where my cousin was having a bday get together. I thought I would post what I wore because I thought it looked nice, and a girl working at McDonald's complimented my hair colour :):) My cousin's friends liked my outfit too...too bad the pictures don't really do it any justice.I will get to those shortly! So, I didn't stay that long because it was rather late and I had to drive back home (another hr + 1/2). Plus, I couldn't drink which wasn't fun at all :/ I ended up just staying there for 20mins with my bf (we took separate cars), and gave my cousin her gift <3 I didn't get to do any karaoke or watch my drunken cousin sing but she did text me about it ;) My bf ended up driving alongside me back home, which made it fun because we like to think that we are in Fast and the Furious! LOL
make-up: brown & cream tones/natural blush & bronzor/ deep brown-purple lips

rather terrible picture, but I wanted to show the whole outfit ^^; (back at home)

back at home

 I really like my hair colour too! It has a mix of caramel and red <3


  1. you look stunning ! :O:O:O xxxx

  2. Love your hair sweetie, is it naturally wavy or did you use a curling iron?

    I already have hot rollers, but am lemming a curling iron now too! ;)

    Thankies for the kind words you always have for me. *hugs*

    The Cat Hag


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)