Friday, May 6, 2011

Party on a Bus!

Hello there,

I know, I know, I'm super late with a blog about the work party I went to last Monday, but here it is and some pictures (LOTS actually) to make up for it!!! All I have to say is: it was amazing. The limo-bus we rode to the hall and back was probably the highlight of the night! lol There was a bar in it, so my friend and I brought most of the liquor and distributed to the other girls. I know...bad role models we were! tsk tsk lol! Here is most of us on the bus:

the back of the bus

As for how I styled up my hair, I didn't end up doing the double braided-hair headband because I tried and it just made my hair look super short!!! So instead, I curled my hair with heat rollers (like Addie just bought ;D) and braided two long strands of my hair like this...LOL:
excuse the hereditary bagginess (plus lack of sleep) under my

the finished look ;)
full body shot, at the restaurant I work at!

 I let my hair down with loose curls, and pinned some hair behind, and added a brownish headband!
On the way to the hall (which was an 1hr and a half ride to get there) we blasted the sound system and danced on the bus the whole way there. Also, we had tons of alcohol...especially me and my friend Sharon b/c we were pretty much the only ones of age to drink! hahah I guess I will insert some [drunken] dancing and posing pictures:
at the bar, where it all ;)

falling over eachother on the bus, it was hard to keep balance!

lol definitely partied like rock stars on that bus! The party at the hall was fun too, we danced it up on the floor and represented our restaurant location so much!!! We were pretty much trying to best every other restaurant location there but cheering the loudest, getting on the dance floor first, and just showing we're the BEST of the BEST hahah. I don't remember arriving there, it happened so fast! All I know is, I tore up the dance floor with the girls and made a fool of myself as well..but I won't go there ^^; LOL.
the arrival of most of us from our restaurant location: The Mandarin (BARRIE, ON)
my girls dancing up on the stage!!! represent!

drunken dancing!

me and the girls dancing it up some more!

me and my friend Liza, trying to be sexy haha >.< she succeeds though!
Sorry for the long post, but it makes up for my lack of blogging. Again, it was a night to remember <3 Remember to always party like a rock star like these girls!!! YEEE YEE :) :

my fave pic <3


  1. OMG I have no idea how I missed this entry?!!!

    Aww and you mentioned me in it, how sweet!

    I am actually typing this to you as I am waiting for my hair to set in heat rollers. ♥♥

    You looked fantastic with your hair curled, I wish the hot rollers had that effect on me but my hair is too straight for it to drop down so lovely and wavy like yours!

    Hope you have a good weekend sweetie. :)

    The Cat Hag


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