Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Party Dress W.I.P+ suggestions?

W.I.P= work in progress^^; and what I mean by that is I took random shots of me in the dress I'm going to wear to my work's spring corporate party this coming Monday with the accessories and shoes I chose! In the photos my hair is just pulled back with a headband, so please disregard that. Let me know if the rest looks good together (ex. dress+belt+shoes). Perhaps I could have suggestions for the hair? I'm thinking of doing a double braided hairband (with my own hair) and curl my hair leaving it down, and have my bangs out....Let's see if I can pull it off! I guess I'm going for a Grecian goddess look or something...
FYI though, I don't know how to braid LOL It's sad actually, I know...but there is this helpful youtuber who shows steps to all types of braiding which I'll be following very slowly for sure ~.^"

Again, ignore the hair...

haha the picture looks better when my face is slightly cut off in it lol

$10 tie-able gold necklace! it works I think ^^"

blurry pic sorry, but this is my bangle bracelet :)

sexay platforms (with flash)

platforms with my daily Audrey purse <3

If you have any questions about any thing I'm wearing let me know!!!


  1. I looooove this! Blogs like this are so fun. You have the coolest clothes and accesories. The look you were going for here is sooo cute! And I freaking love those shoes. The hair idea you mentioned sounds so pretty. How did it turn out?

  2. Ahhh, I said so way to much in that one. lol But really I just love this whole concept. :D

  3. Yep, you should definitely go for the grecian goddess look!!

    And braids across the top like a headband sounds like a perfect match to the dress. ♥♥

    Can't wait to see photos of you on that night.

    The Cat Hag

  4. That shade of blue is pretty and the "belt" does work!

  5. love the dress & those beautiful shoes! x hivenn

  6. love your shoes i got heels like that too (;♥

    by the way thanks for following my blog! im gonna follow you too x

  7. absolutely beautiful dress and shoes. you look so lovely.

    Helen, X

  8. hahaha glad that you like it (; thought its a bit girly but i love barbie and pink so i cant help it :L and thank you so much, you are very sweet! im jealous that you have blue eyes. i think brown eyes are really boring.. thats why i like to wear my grey contacts cuz they make my eyes pop way better than my natural eye colour ! its more fun to work with as well when im doing my make up before going out x


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