Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mall dress-up!

Today I was planning to go to the mall to find a fancy belt to go around a dress I will be wearing at my work's spring party this coming Monday! I am super excited for it because we rented a limo to bring us all there <3 I love the girls I work with! Also, the limo is needed because we will be doing a lot of drinking...ahem...;) Anyways, I decided to dress up to go on my mall adventure and this is what I wore:

I think next time I will go for gray thigh highs or none at all!

awkward timez

audrey in the background<3

put my hair back because I was too lazy to do anything with it. 
make-up look: smokey gray eye that you can hardly see b/c of the flash >.<

It was such a lovely day today to get out and go somewhere. I usually don't try to look nice when I go out to do errands because I feel like I don't have anyone to impress anyways. Today I actually felt good enough to try and I felt great...however a little awkward when I went to the mall alone looking like this! lol I guess it's because I'm not used to looking all "fashionista" or something. To add to the awkwardness, I was whistled at by a group of guys at the mall. I couldn't believe it!!! Who whistles at girls in the mall? I really thought guys only did that when they are riding in their cars! Even that is too much for me...I hate when guys do that because I'm never sure if they are making fun of you or not. They looked like they were 17-19 yrs old, so I thought to myself, "I must be their teenage dream" LOL. <3 ahahaha. Anyways, I just felt more awkward and a little humiliated from that experience.

Anyways, I went to so many stores trying to find a nice gold belt to fit my fancy dress and couldn't find anything! If I did find something it was out of price range by a lot!!! :( As I was leaving through a store called "The Bay," I finally stumbled upon some accessories! The gold caught my eye, and they ended up being long gold necklaces. Anyways, the one I ended up buying is long enough to fit around my waist, and is one of those tie-able necklaces as well. It only cost $10 :):) Definitely in my price range, that's for sure! I will be making another post with the belt and dress probably tomorrow ;)

hearts to all <3


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)