Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zac Efron.

I really wish I got to meet him, he is so funny, charming and cute. Also, he's not just a pretty face and that's what I like most about him. haha it's like I know him personally or something...I WISH!

All I can do is stare at dreamy pictures of him hehe ^.^; I'm so glad he's not with crummy Vanessa Hudgens, I really dislike her and her acting is not up to par either. Well, who knows for sure if they are or not together but last time I heard they were broken up...fingers crossed! :):) I don't care who else he goes out with as long as it's not her, and as long as it's me a girl can dream I suppose <3

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  1. Hey Girlie,

    How is your weekend so far?

    I think Zac is a cutie too, hehe glad that he broke up with that Vanessa gal.

    And I am soooo glad for your hot rollers love! Everyone thinks I am such an old fashioned person for using them haha.

    The Cat Hag


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