Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red to Brown hair :(


Wow, I can finally post a blog after 2 1/2 months! I'm almost finished University for good...or until I go back to do a Masters degree. Yes, apparently to be a librarian I need to get a Masters in Information Studies LOL >.> but if that's what is required then I'm up for the challenge! Although, I really hate University...
Anyways, I wanted to post some before and after pictures of my hair. I'm kind of sad that I had to go back to boring brown hair (my natural hair colour) because red is so beautiful. However, red hair was too expensive and annoying to maintain but I kept it up for four months!!! :) At least the brown dye I used has some red shimmer in it  <3 Bye bye red hair and hello golden brown!

The colour was inspired by Amy Adams in my fave Disney film, "Enchanted"

lovely photo by my brother :) 

new brown hair & silly face :P

no makeup btw :P

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