Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Carol Secret Santa 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

A week before Christmas though, my friends and I had a party that was themed "dress up like your favourite Christmas song" and it was super fun! My bestfriend and I came up with this theme together <3 A lot of our friends (like 96%) participated which was a surprise because I know as we get older, themed parties are perceived as juvenile. We also held a Surprise Secret Santa where everyone was required to buy a random $1 gift and give it to whomever's name they picked out of my Santa hat! Everyone had a laugh at their gifts, but I know they will also be cherished. It's fun to do Secret Santa because it gets everyone mingling with one another, even those we never met before!  I recommend that people should hold these kind of parties during the holidays because it gets everyone together and it's different and exciting. It definitely got us all excited and prepared for Christmas a week later.
PS. I dressed up as the "Last Christmas" song! I cut out a craft foam heart and wrote "last christmas" with a rigged line in the middle and then I cut a second heart that had the line from the song"this year I'll give it to someone special!" I would hold the second heart in my pocket and pass it along to those I loved! I wish I made more than one so everyone would get to keep my heart(s)!!! My friend Emily was the lucky one that got to keep the good heart in the end and she said she will show me it at next year's Christmas party to show her devotion lmaooo!!!!

Here are some pictures from the party :D
beer was my drink of choice that night haha

Last Christmas!
Our make-shift Christmas tree LOL (made out of stringed lights and ornaments!)
we had some karaoke going on too!
my friend, Dave as Frosty the Snowman!
Megan as Nutcracker Ballet and Kyle as THE GRINCH

The Grinch made a bunch of these signs and would stick it on our backs without us knowing! (mine said: you're a hoe, hoe hoe!)

example of The Grinch's mischief!

my bffl, Monika as "Santa Baby" (because she is pregnant) haha pun!

me and my girls Monika and Emily <3

Me and Frosty !

Emily holding my good heart in her special place LOL
We ended the night talking and finishing our drinks. I was drunk and decided to prank call people using my phone with my friend Emily. We were asking people to do "sex surveys" with us over the phone. It was hilarious! I also called my friend Mathew saying I was someone from "Planned Parenthood" LOL. Good times!!!

I will have more posts soon about my recent club experience and what I got for Christmas !! HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for meee please :)

Christmas time is around the corner...okay maybe like 5 days away and a week ago I decided to shop for myself only, I know...selfish  right? But I never shop for myself often and I can't turn down good deals when I see them! My main objective when I went to the mall was to finally get a new cellphone plan which also made me buy a new phone to go with the plan! I didn't want a new phone, but I guess I had update sooner or later anyways! I did go on other shopping trips for others but lets just focus on MEEEEE this time, ok? I also thought that some of these would be great gift ideas that I could share with my reader since I had found really good deals for things that are often very expensive! Well here you go also complete with some random Christmas-y & Kitty pictures too. I couldn't resist!

At my friend, Bonnie's house, drinking with our friend Charles too!

My new touch phone: kinda-free with Virgin Mobile SuperTab ;D

Long Awaited Katy Perry 'Purrs' fragrance: $65 at SEARS w/ free tote, MEOW ;D

Close-up! I want the pink one too !!

If you buy any fragrance at Sears $50+, you get this clutch/purse for only $10 extra!

Finally bought me some Canadian mittens <3

New Thermal boots: $47 boots (Zellers)

I add legwarmers to them!

Navy & Mustard bodycon skirts: FXXI $7.50 each

trying to grow my nails & stop my biting habit with pretty XMAS colours <3

precious little kitten, Tegan <3

Christmas downtown Barrie
Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and to those who celebrate Christmas: 

PS. I added "Disqus" to my blogger comments, so I am able to reply to comments! I suggest this application to those who find it annoying to go back and forth blogs to comment !!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Drop Dead Diva

So, I am not the type of person who tunes in every week for a new episode of their favourite TV show but when I stumbled upon the show, "Drop Dead Diva," it had me wanting more!! Seriously. The last show I followed on TV was The Office (which is still one of my fave shows!!!).
I thought I should dedicate a blog post to this particular show because I have been spending most days trying to catch up on the last three seasons on the internet so I can prepare myself for the fourth season (which starts in 2012!! ) It took me about a week and now I'm on episode 7 of the third season, yay me! hahaha...
I should be more focused on other things, but this show is very ADDICTING...and gets my mind off of shitty things going on in my life at the moment.

If you don't know about this show, I will give a brief summary: It is about this very skinny model, Deb, who has the perfect life until she dies in a car accident. She hits the "return" button when she goes to "limbo" and her soul is transferred into another woman's body who happened to have died around the same time Deb died. Deb is now Jane, a larger bodied, highly intelligent lawyer. With this new body, she also gained Jane's brains. This brings a lot of changes for Deb because she has to learn how to move on while working with her "ex" boyfriend (Deb's bf) in the lawfirm as well as meet people that the real Jane knew. Needless to say, Jane encounters alot of challenges which are often humourous and unique. She has to live a totally different life than Deb,s like trying to get over struggles with her bigger body image--something she never encountered before. She also has to fight lawyer battles every day!

Needless to say, this show has a very unusual premise and storyline but it somehow works! I love to see what Deb/Jane has to deal with every episode, while I also hope that things work out for her in the end!!

It is also different seeing a bigger woman as a lead character of a TV series. I think this alone brings a positive message to woman in real life who are larger than Deb's size. Jane really has it all: brains and beauty :)

x.I can make your skies sunny.x

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Applying for Grad School!

Future sexay librarian right here ;D **oldpic**

 Ugh, sooo lately I have been super nervous and stressed about applying for grad school. I need to get a Masters degree to become a full librarian !!! I know to most people they find this hard to believe but honestly librarians have a lot to do and are very knowledgeable about LOTS of things. They are not just there to "shhhhh!" and sign in/out books !!! Unfortunately, this is a very common misconception.  Mostly anyone that have asked me what I wanted to be after University are surprised when I say "I want to be a librarian." The first thing most people say to this is ,"Wow, librarians need to go to University and get a Masters degree? People still read? woww!" ARGH. It's really annoying when people assume this b.s. about librarians~!!!

Applying for grad school requires a long process. I first had to email my profs from last year to ask for references. I'm a really shy person and was very shy in University courses so it took me awhile to finally get the courage to email them!!! Luckily my bf helped me write the emails! Without his help...I would still be thinking too much about it and wouldn't be doing anything! I actually got two replies, which is all I really needed! It would help if I got a third but I'm just lucky two have replied :) Now, the next step is to write an essay/cover letter that explains why I want to be in the program and why I should be accepted, and also a resume, and official school transcripts >.< AHHH.
Not to mention, they also want $125 for applying...


x.I can make your skies sunny.x

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is HALLOWEEN! 2011

Just as I promised, here is a post about my Halloween adventures--which by the way is my FAVOURITE day of the year! I consider it even better than my OWN birthday !! seriously.

Halloween happened on a Monday this year which didn't really leave room for possibilities so I decided to work on Halloween and spend the day with my amazingly costumed co-workers/friends <3 We got ready together before work and arrived in style (& almost late...oops!) Work was pretty much dead so we spent most of our time going around taking pictures and probably pissing off the little amount of elderly customers who found some of our costumes distasteful. But it was Halloween, so we flaunted what we had on whether it was authentic, cool, and/or slutty! One of my friends who dressed up in just a corset, booty shorts and fishnets overheard one of the customers in the restaurant say, "See, all they do on Halloween is dress like sluts!" LOL I laughed so hard, but my friend found it equally humourous because the point of her costume was to be a "slut" of some kind ;D


There isn't actually a girl version of Thor, so I looked up examples of people's adaptations and made up my own THOR GIRL costume following this girl as inspiration:
I made mostly everything except the hammer, leggings, black shorts, black shirt, cape, wig and black boots. I pretty much made all the accessories, and the helmet took the most time (6 hrs). I also based the helmet design from the oldschool Disney movie, "Adventures in Babysitting." Unfortunately, the helmet had a terrible fate which you will read about down below :(

Anyways, after work we were all driven to our restaurant's corporate Halloween party an hour away and late at night (around 11:30pm) and partied hard...or atleast I did. We danced it up, and went on stage to represent our restaurant's location as we danced to LMFAO'S "Sexy and I Know It" song. It was so funny!! We did a sychronized dance to the "wiggle wiggle wiggle" part of the song. If you don't know this song, look up the video because it's so jokes!!! I also entered the costume contest, but I didn't win which made me really sad but all the contestants were great! One of the girls from our group was downing tequila shots with our female manager...and lets just say one of them ended up on the bathroom floor between the stalls and I unfortunately found her there first. By that time, I was pretty much done because of the many tequila shots she gave me and I didn't know what to do. All I have to say about tequila is: TEQUILA=NEVER AGAIN!!! eff that shit. On the drive home, I pretty much threw up in my handmade helmet but it didn't help that the person driving was "jerky" when lane changing and braked too suddenly most times. I felt really bad that my friends had to sit beside me and watch me do this but damnn those shots got me really good (or bad if you really think about it) :( Besides the shot and drink mixing, I had an amazing Halloween!! Here are some pictures from that day!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!
my fave picture <3

me with the sluuu lol

Marvel vs. DC

What was your costume? Show me a picture in the comment section! I love costumes <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogger N0ob.

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the recent comments on my blog. I really dislike that I cannot
instantly reply to each and every comment! Just know, that I read EVERY COMMENT! I get so excited when I read them! Is there an instant way of replying or does blogger just suck in that aspect? haha.

Anyways, I will have a better blog post soon that explains what I did for Halloween (my fave day of the year!) and my recent exciting news !!! :):)

Hope that keeps you in suspense ;D

-Soni :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yes, I saved $160 and bought myself Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"s in black leather. I have been drooling over these shoes ever since I watched a fashion video by Clothesencounters on YT back in March. I bit the bullet and finally went and bought them online mid-September. I patiently waited but they finally arrived the first week of October which was really fast!!! I think in the future I may buy a pair in red suede, and cream suede. There are so many colours/styles on I ended up buying my pair from because they offered free shipping to Canada <3 However, does not have all the style/colour choices that Solestruck has FYI.

I have already wore them twice outside and they are quite comfortable for platforms. They also stay true to size. I bought mine in a size 8 and luckily they fit perfectly. I was worried they were going to be snug with socks on but they fit quite comfortably enough that I think if I bought an 8 1/2 they would fit too big!
isn't that kind of  sad?

                                     Well I guess you have to see for yourselves <3

                                                 LOVE THESE SHOES <3

x.I can make your skies sunny.x

Sunday, October 9, 2011

OOTD: The office casual

definitely grumpy.

Brown Knit Shrug-George (Wal-Mart)
Purple long tank-Stitches
Black cotton high-waist skirt- Fairweather
Brown leather belt- my bf's old belt
Black real leather kitten heels-The Bay
Burgundy faux leather bomber jacket-Urban Planet

I am such a grumps! lol This is what I wore to my Uncle's office the other day when I visited! It was early in the morning (7:00am) when I took these pictures so please excuse the lack of expression on my face: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL!!! >.< Nonetheless, I wanted to share my casual office attire.I like to call this outfit "office casual" because it's casual but at the same time looks professional. I also tried to avoid wearing all black pieces because my Uncle's business partner always comments on how I never wear colour (which is colours are my staples). I always like to dress up when I visit my Uncle's office, because I hardly ever have situations where I need to dress up all professional-like. Plus, when I go to his office I get to do office errands such as filing , faxing, mailing, etc, so I need to look the part all the times, especially since it's an insurance business he deals with.
I also did a simple make-up look, and the pictures are below! Overall, I had a lovely day at the office as usual which ended with a delightful lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. How fitting! :) My uncle has asked me to visit him every 2-3 weeks for now on to catch up, which I would love to do. I really hope we can keep these arrangements up because I love visiting him and my aunt! They are truly special to me <3

Blue smoky eye make-up-Revlon pallette
Natural bronzer-Rimmel
"Blushing Natural CheekColour"- Estee Lauder
Usual/essential skin care stuff
"Champagne Mauve"-Avon lipstick
Gold hoop earring with purple stones-Avon
Real gold necklace & cross pendant (Canvassed texture)
Real gold bangle bracelet (Portuguese gold yeye ;D)
Real white and yellow gold ring 

I really should have done close-up shots of the accessories...^^;

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pin Up Gal

I have always loved the pin up look so when MissJessicaHarlow on Youtube announced her giveaway "I'm a Pin Up Girl!", I had to do it! Pretty much, she asked the contestants to make a video response explaining "what makes you confident", while being dressed and done up as a pin up girl. My answer: I feel most confident when I believe and have faith in myself and/or what I am doing!
I mixed some of her makeup tips, with my own creativity to create my own pin up look and I think I did a really good job ;D I definitely felt very confident being made up the way I was. It took awhile to do the hair and the makeup but it all came together in the end. Here are some pictures I took of myself:

My fave picture from the "set"

I had a lot of fun taking these photos! I really felt like I fit the part of a pin up chick.  Although, I wish the camera that I used captured my natural blue eyes better :(

HAIR: I used hot rollers and rolled them inwards (20 mins).
            Added bobby pins
FACE: Elysee moisturizer
            MicaBella Mineral powder foundation
            QUO concealer
            Avon "swoon" pink blush.
EYES: Avon "romantic mauves quad" eyeshadow(pink slip & mauved)
           Faces eye highlighter
           Fake eyelashes
           Avon SuperSHOCK MAX mascara
           Almay brow defining pencil (brunette) (used for fake mole near eye and brows lol)
           Avon Daring Definition Gel eyeliner (black)
LIPS: Avon Glazewear "Real Red"
           Cherry Red lip liner
DRESS: Goodwill

I would definitely rock this look somewhere classy and fun ! Maybe to a party or a club :) Too bad  I had no where to go when I did all this. Being sick also didn't help! I'm recovering now, slowly but surely...

Hope you all like my pin-up look! 

x.I can make your skies sunny.x