Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Applying for Grad School!

Future sexay librarian right here ;D **oldpic**

 Ugh, sooo lately I have been super nervous and stressed about applying for grad school. I need to get a Masters degree to become a full librarian !!! I know to most people they find this hard to believe but honestly librarians have a lot to do and are very knowledgeable about LOTS of things. They are not just there to "shhhhh!" and sign in/out books !!! Unfortunately, this is a very common misconception.  Mostly anyone that have asked me what I wanted to be after University are surprised when I say "I want to be a librarian." The first thing most people say to this is ,"Wow, librarians need to go to University and get a Masters degree? People still read? woww!" ARGH. It's really annoying when people assume this b.s. about librarians~!!!

Applying for grad school requires a long process. I first had to email my profs from last year to ask for references. I'm a really shy person and was very shy in University courses so it took me awhile to finally get the courage to email them!!! Luckily my bf helped me write the emails! Without his help...I would still be thinking too much about it and wouldn't be doing anything! I actually got two replies, which is all I really needed! It would help if I got a third but I'm just lucky two have replied :) Now, the next step is to write an essay/cover letter that explains why I want to be in the program and why I should be accepted, and also a resume, and official school transcripts >.< AHHH.
Not to mention, they also want $125 for applying...


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  1. You gonna be one sexy librarian ;)

  2. I wanted to be a librarian when I was younger, just because I loved books so much!

    I am so glad you are fulfilling your dream sweetie. :)

    The Cat Hag


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)