Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Carol Secret Santa 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

A week before Christmas though, my friends and I had a party that was themed "dress up like your favourite Christmas song" and it was super fun! My bestfriend and I came up with this theme together <3 A lot of our friends (like 96%) participated which was a surprise because I know as we get older, themed parties are perceived as juvenile. We also held a Surprise Secret Santa where everyone was required to buy a random $1 gift and give it to whomever's name they picked out of my Santa hat! Everyone had a laugh at their gifts, but I know they will also be cherished. It's fun to do Secret Santa because it gets everyone mingling with one another, even those we never met before!  I recommend that people should hold these kind of parties during the holidays because it gets everyone together and it's different and exciting. It definitely got us all excited and prepared for Christmas a week later.
PS. I dressed up as the "Last Christmas" song! I cut out a craft foam heart and wrote "last christmas" with a rigged line in the middle and then I cut a second heart that had the line from the song"this year I'll give it to someone special!" I would hold the second heart in my pocket and pass it along to those I loved! I wish I made more than one so everyone would get to keep my heart(s)!!! My friend Emily was the lucky one that got to keep the good heart in the end and she said she will show me it at next year's Christmas party to show her devotion lmaooo!!!!

Here are some pictures from the party :D
beer was my drink of choice that night haha

Last Christmas!
Our make-shift Christmas tree LOL (made out of stringed lights and ornaments!)
we had some karaoke going on too!
my friend, Dave as Frosty the Snowman!
Megan as Nutcracker Ballet and Kyle as THE GRINCH

The Grinch made a bunch of these signs and would stick it on our backs without us knowing! (mine said: you're a hoe, hoe hoe!)

example of The Grinch's mischief!

my bffl, Monika as "Santa Baby" (because she is pregnant) haha pun!

me and my girls Monika and Emily <3

Me and Frosty !

Emily holding my good heart in her special place LOL
We ended the night talking and finishing our drinks. I was drunk and decided to prank call people using my phone with my friend Emily. We were asking people to do "sex surveys" with us over the phone. It was hilarious! I also called my friend Mathew saying I was someone from "Planned Parenthood" LOL. Good times!!!

I will have more posts soon about my recent club experience and what I got for Christmas !! HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

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  1. This is so cute! I never thought to dress up for a Christmas party. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Frosty looks like someone I went to school with, they could totally be twins. lol I want to do something like this next year! Such a great idea. :D


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