Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for meee please :)

Christmas time is around the corner...okay maybe like 5 days away and a week ago I decided to shop for myself only, I know...selfish  right? But I never shop for myself often and I can't turn down good deals when I see them! My main objective when I went to the mall was to finally get a new cellphone plan which also made me buy a new phone to go with the plan! I didn't want a new phone, but I guess I had update sooner or later anyways! I did go on other shopping trips for others but lets just focus on MEEEEE this time, ok? I also thought that some of these would be great gift ideas that I could share with my reader since I had found really good deals for things that are often very expensive! Well here you go also complete with some random Christmas-y & Kitty pictures too. I couldn't resist!

At my friend, Bonnie's house, drinking with our friend Charles too!

My new touch phone: kinda-free with Virgin Mobile SuperTab ;D

Long Awaited Katy Perry 'Purrs' fragrance: $65 at SEARS w/ free tote, MEOW ;D

Close-up! I want the pink one too !!

If you buy any fragrance at Sears $50+, you get this clutch/purse for only $10 extra!

Finally bought me some Canadian mittens <3

New Thermal boots: $47 boots (Zellers)

I add legwarmers to them!

Navy & Mustard bodycon skirts: FXXI $7.50 each

trying to grow my nails & stop my biting habit with pretty XMAS colours <3

precious little kitten, Tegan <3

Christmas downtown Barrie
Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and to those who celebrate Christmas: 

PS. I added "Disqus" to my blogger comments, so I am able to reply to comments! I suggest this application to those who find it annoying to go back and forth blogs to comment !!


  1. Loving hate haul ! You got sooo much stuff !:O

  2. lol! Well the bad thing wallet is hating me too :( !!! I am not broke!!


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)