Sunday, January 15, 2012

VIP @ The Bank

My friends and I from work decided to try VIP bottle service at this club called "The Bank." This post is long overdue as this event took place the Thursday before Christmas Eve! lol sorry guys...I'm such a procrastinator!It's kind of funny that we went to the club on a Thursday but we're cool like that ;D

It was my first time going to a club as a VIP and it was overall a medicore experience. I feel like it's so overpriced for bottle service when you can get the same bottles at the LCBO for half the club's price. I guess people like bottle service at a club for the experience though. I did feel pretty cool being VIP though because we got our own booth and it was nice to sit from all the dancing once in awhile in our own private area :) We all split the cost for the alcohol but it sucked because I didn't really get a say as to what kind of alcohol we would be sharing. Everyone wanted TEQUILA...and if you read my Halloween post you would know I never want to drink that stuff again! Nonetheless, we all split on Tequila and I drank it unwillingly because I wanted to get my money's worth :( ewwwww... We also got greasy pizza and 3 drinks to mix the alcohol with for being VIP. I was expecting a much better choice(s) for the food part but I guess people like greasy pizza at the club...

Later that night, I asked one of the guys in our party if he would buy me a rum & coke from the bar because I wanted to avoid drinking more of the tequila. I guess he was already drunk because when I came back from dancing I saw a large bottle of dark rum at our table and I was like "WTF, where did this come from and who bought this???!!" I asked one of the waitresses who brought it and she told me that my friend (who I thought was at the bar getting my mixed drink...) BOUGHT IT RIGHT THERE!! It had to be atleast $100!!! I felt bad and started downing the rum too!!

Needless to say, I mixed two hard liquors and ended up having a terrible end result by the end of the night. It's kind of funny when I think about it now but also very gross & embaressing haha >.< All the dancing wasn't enough for me to sober up and I got really sick. I remember I went to sit at our booth and I looked down and then...*BLARGH* I threw up all over the  floor...:( :( Then the two security guards came and escorted me out LOL. I can't believe I was KICKED OUT of the club! I felt pretty bad and was crying so much outside in the cold but my friends came outside and made sure I was okay to go home.

I had an awesome time dancing with my friends, despite my mishap. Luckily I didn't have any idiots try to dance up on me :) Here are some pics from that night!

me and baby Tegan <3

I was the only white girl in the group so here I am trying to be asian <3

All of us at our VIP booth :)

I thought this pic was funny b.c if my hand had moved there could have been a special shot;D

Official Bank photo of our group...with random dude in the background LOL

Oh the clubbing experience is hilarious all right...

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