Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Skin Lifesaver !

I have the worst facial skin ever! It's really dry and I always get red spots and blemishes. Part of the reason is my fault because I touch my face too much when I break out. I just can't stand seeing a pimple on my face :( Also, a lot of the time the pimples are ingrown and are soooo painful I cannot bear leaving it alone! After I usually deal with them (the wrong way of course), they dry up and I get flaky skin. It also leaves large red blemishes! *tear* Recently, my brother (of all people) suggested this night moisturizer by The Body Shop that helped him diminish his acne. He actually gave it to me and ever since my skin has felt so moisturized and less dry. I use it with a day moisturizer by The Body Shop and I noticed my skin has improved so much!  I can say now I hardly even get acne because I think the Vitamin E in both products prevent it. I now only seem to break out when that time of the month is near which is better than breaking out all the time! I also haven't had any ingrown painful pimples since I have been using these products. They are now my day/night skin lifesaver <3 My bro said they are expensive but it's definitely worth the money and I WILL  purchase more in the future.

night and day

my day cream-use a light layer! (Next time I will buy the one for dry skin)

my night cream-use a light layer!

If you have tried these moisturizers or plan on trying them in the future, let me know of your skin results!! I hope they help others' skin as much as they helped mine :)

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