Sunday, March 11, 2012

black & leopard

This is a very due OOTD post.

Come and take a walk on the wild side ~ Lana Del Rey
 I wore this outfit to the mall I think about a month ago and just been too lazy to write about it. Sorry :/
The first part of the video was filmed by me and the mall segment was filmed by my little brother who has no camera experience. I think next time I will tell him to stick with one camera angle!! :) It was fun and kind of awkward being filmed in the mall! Luckily it was very quiet that night. I am brave though, and I hope to do it again soon!!!

I also want to point out that this outfit is very figure flattering for someone who wants to hide their stomach area. I wish I remembered to mention that in the YouTube video but I may do more videos that explain what items will flatter someone with the same body type as me! :)

Enough talk & more PICTURE TIME!

Behold: me and my messy room!!

black & leopard

Black faux jacket with faux fur collar - River Island
Black sweater - Stitches
White&black leopard skirt - H&M
Winter boots - Zellers
Grey leg warmers - Ardenes

Thanks for reading!

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