Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I can't back down...

there's so much at stake, this is serious!!!! "

lol song from a silly disney commercial for the movie Camp Rock 2 but it relates to my life, I SWEAR.

Ok, so I didn't make a video this week because I was super busy and also...because I feel ashamed. It's not like I have been overeating, I just have been eating the wrong things. Like for instance, today I had a big bowl of cookies n' cream icecream and it was so good but SOOOO BAD :( Just little things like that...and of course it adds back up. Also, the other night I took a special someone to a Japanese all you can eat restaurant because we both love Japanese  food and although it's healthy, I just feel like I'm falling behind on this weightloss thing.

So this special someone pushes me to keep on going. I spoke with him about it and he supports me so much. He's so proud of how far I've come and I've decided that I have new goals. So while he's in Poland for two weeks (which he left yesterday for and I'm super sad) I decided I want to try to make my goal for 120 lbs by the time he comes back because we want to go to Wonderland together and I want to wear a bikini at the waterpark there!!!! Also, I also want to reward myself with something else if I do make it to my goal.

AND that reward will be to buy myself a pair of kickass stiletto heels because I love platform and stiletto heels and I desperately need some!!!!! They are hottttnesssssss ! ;D This would be a great way to celebrate my weightloss because I never really get anything expensive or awesome like that for myself.

I'm going to make a video next Sunday for sure, and I hope everyone is having a better weightloss week than I am !

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