Thursday, July 28, 2011

English Tea Party

This post has been wayyyyy overdue, sorry! I wanted to write about my birthday/graduation party I threw myself. It was kind of disappointing that many people didn't show up...*ahemorbotherlettingmeknowtheyweren'tgoingto*...but the people who had decided to show up are honestly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  :) And of course, the people who told me ahead of time that they couldn't make it are really awesome too. My party was Alice In Wonderland/English tea party themed, and I actually went out to auctions and thrift stores to buy trinkets, random tea pots & tea cups, hat boxes, etc that would make for a good mad hatter tea party ahahah! I even bought tons of different little desserts. Although not many people came and the party didn't turn out the way I totally planned, I still had an amazing time and I'm just grateful, again, for the friends who decided to come. I was skeptical about this party because whenever I have thrown large parties like this in the past, they have always failed, so I was expecting another failure which wasn't really the case this time around <3
I didn't get many pictures from the night though, but we honestly had a good time drinking, laughing, and getting bitten by the bugs...ok not really but I did get tipsy off of jello shooters, and alcoholic tea lol! And we had a random adventure in the night searching for bugspray around the area! hahah  ANNDDD 
I asked for the girls to wear summer dresses and optionally, a hat! I was the only one that wore a hat but my friend Dave went all out too and wore a hat and bow tie :) hahaha

We really are mad! 

Being very proper, especially with a jello shot in hand ;D

love them <3

some random stuff on the table!

Dave leading the girls on our adventure for bugspray!

I was tipsy by then lol

Me and my good friend Dave, a fine young chap hahahah

 !!! I will have more new posts very soon...about a possible hair cut and my Harry Potter adventures :)

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  1. Nooo way you kidding ???! haha. You are so nice !<3 You made my day hun.

    I love your cute white dress, its gorgeous on you! xxxx


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