Friday, September 5, 2014

Turning the BIG 2-5 [Recap]

 As you all may or may not know, it was my birthday on June 27 and I turned the BIG 25! (This post is obviously late but I blame that on my previous writer's block)! I just wanted to reminisce about it because my boyfriend spoiled me to no end which is something I'm just, in general, not used to! This year I didn't plan anything with friends or family. I have had many people bail and no show when I made big birthday plans in the past. Anyways I like to think that things seems to turn out for the better when they are not planned and I love spontaneity :)

My birthday fell on a Friday this year and I spent the day sleeping in and relaxing. As I received numerous bday wishes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and through the phone, I was just treating the day like it was any other day. My boyfriend's brother's girlfriend (that's a mouthful haha) even personally stopped by to give me birthday hugs which was a very pleasant surprise.

When my boyfriend came home from work, he told me that I had to start getting ready and I was wondering, 'ooooo for what?' & 'where are we going?' He said it was a surprise and that I need to dress up nicely. I love getting all dressed up and thankfully I envisioned exactly what I was going to wear for my 25th birthday. So we both got ready and my boyfriend seemed to be blown away by what I was wearing. Let's just say it accentuated my best assets ;)

Crop Lace Top: Winners, Bodycon Skirt: Stiches, Wristlet: Coach, Shoes: Target
We got in a cab and I had really no idea where we were going! We headed towards a part of Toronto I never been to but it looked very chic. The weather was perfectly breezy and sunny too! He courted me to this upscale looking restaurant called, Reds, on a corner of Yonge & Adelaide St (busy intersection) and asked to sit on the patio which ran along the sidewalk. As I looked at the menu, however, it didn't seem as upscale as I thought. The menu was expensive but the items were what I would expect at Jack Astors. Besides that, I was happy that my boyfriend surprised me and we both ordered delicious Bellinis.

Then my boyfriend looked really confused looking at the menu some more and all of a sudden says, "Babe, I think I took you to the wrong restaurant..." hahahah in my mind I was like 'thank god' (because it just seemed way to overpriced for the food options being presented). He actually planned to take me to an Italian restaurant, Scaddabush, but wasn't sure where it was because he never been there before either! Of course his surprise for me was ruined but we slyly asked for the bill, and asked the waiter politely (and embarrassingly) where Scaddabush was situated. He chuckled and said it was right beside Reds and we just had to walk a minute more to reach its location! Of course we explained that it was supposed to be a bday surprise and my boyfriend mistakenly took me to the wrong restaurant!

We shamelessly finished our Bellinis and scurried right over to Scaddabush's patio. Let me tell you...this is now my favourite Italian restaurant! It was a little bit pricy but not over the top AND the food is authentically Italian. I am usually hestitant with Italian restaurants as I am partially Italian and used to homemade Italian food. This restaurant changed my opinion and I highly recommend!! The food was authentic and came in big portions which was very surprising for an upscale restaurant. We ate fried calamari and 'poor man's bread' as our appetizers and for our mains we ordered lemon chicken dinner, and chicken with sundried tomato linguine in alfredo sauce. We also couldn't forget a nice bottle of Italian red wine :) We're alchys sorry hahaha...For dessert, we ordered cheesecake and strawberry tartufo (my favourite!). Mmmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it! ***Also side note*** inside the restaurant was beautiful and they had a girl DJ playing right before you walked up the stairs to the washroom, it was SICKKKK!
 After dinner, we were so stuffed we literally had troubled walking! That could have also been a combination of drunkness and my heels hahaha jk but seriously we were that FULL! We decided to go to our favourite club, El Convento Ricos (where we also met for the first time), in hopes that we could dance off all the food we just ate. Yeahh...sooo the dancing didn't help and I just couldn't move the rest of the night but we enjoyed going and seeing the usual drag queen performances. It was a wonderful night and such a nice surprise for my 25th bday <3 We spent the rest of my 25th bday weekend  hardcore dancing and raving at Digital Dreams (electronic music festival) but I will make another post about that event later. You don't want to miss it!!!

Turning 25 is a big deal, it's a quarter of a century duhhh and everyone should celebrate it in style :) 

Thanks for reading!xo


  1. Happy really late 25th birthday. Planned birthdays never work out as you hope so I agree, don't plan and the surprise was probably way better anyways. The food looked great too.
    xx, jodi

  2. Thanks so much for the bday wishes! Better late than never right ? ;D I checked your blog and needless to say I love the shoe posts so I will be following! <3


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