Thursday, September 4, 2014

Applying for a job IS a job!

Let me tell you how frustrating it is to find a job! I have got to the point of discouragement and depression because either I get rejected through an automated email or I don't receive any call backs. I feel like a complete and utter FAILURE. I have had many jobs and lots of experience from customer service to retail to office and I also have a Uni. degree, so why is it I'm not being hired anywhere? Also, my resume has been looked over by a few people (professional & unprofessional) and they have all said it's a great resume...I mean... obviously I have obtained jobs in the past with it in hand!

For the past month I have been applying online and in person and it's become very tiring. It has come to the point where I get physically tired from applying and applying and applying - it's absolutely ridiculous! I just moved to the city for school and thought it was easier to find jobs here. The thing is there are actually LOTS of jobs posted that do not require any experience or extra qualifications and I have not heard from them either. It's tiring because most of these online application processes take over 30 minutes to complete their assessments and questionnaires. Like seriously, they should tell me I'm not the right candidate just by scanning my resume instead of wasting my time further just to reject me in the end.

People tell me not to worry, and that it takes time but I don't have time to just loaf around. I need to pay my school tuition, rent, and other important bills. I cry everyday because I feel depressed and not good enough for anything here. I have even lowered my standards just so I can get any job! :(

How can anyone reject that face above? I'm a very hard working, dedicated, creative and punctual person. Nowadays, everything is done online and it's not as personal anymore. I just wonder how some people successfully get the jobs that I look at...are they lying their way through? Some people just seem to not care about the job when they are on the job. I've seen so many careless employees, I just don't get it...does anyone else feel the same? Does anyone have any tips on actually landing a part time mediocre job in Toronto? Any suggestions or advice for me and others who are having the same problem? I've seriously jokingly mentioned stripping for cash to my bf, in which he responded with a big fat NO hahaha that's how desperate I've become! He was not too pleased with that suggestion..but honestly I need to find something decent soon!! Fingers crossed :)

...or someone could just help me get a job but that would be wishful thinking, wouldn't it?

Thanks for reading! xo

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