Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blog Layout 2014, whew!

I have to say after countless hours, nights and months editing and tweaking, I am finally satisfied with the result of my new blog layout (seen below)!! I'm hoping it will make my old and new readers feel more welcomed when they enter my blog. I just feel that it is more of an open concept now with my own personal touch :)
In case anyone is wondering, I started from the Simple Template provided by Blogger and worked on it all on my own from there. I love the font I chose for the blogpost title because it looks more effortless (I love handwriting by the way). I love that I incorporated the colour blue more because not only is it one of my fave colours, it reminds me of the lakeshore + matches my eye colour! It has more of a nautical feel to it. I also figured out how to make my 'About Me' profile picture round  from searching this blog HERE !!! It was REALLY helpful! Honestly, I thought I had to get a professional graphic designer to achieve this look (I even asked a couple of friends) but I can tell you  if you just look around and use your own creativity the blog will look and feel much better to YOU (and that's what matters the most)! I feel inspired and encouraged to write now that I am pleased with my layout. The only thing I want to approve is the little 'About Me' blurb...I want to make it short & sweet but so far it's been difficult to come up with something that possesses all my qualities AND what this blog will be all about...
If anyone has any ideas for my 'About Me' description, please let me know! I would really appreciate any thoughts on that. 

Updated layout 2014 

I was having problems being able to write in my blog again because I was not satisfied with my previous layout. I thought if I don't like going to my OWN blog, no one else will go to it either. I knew I needed a change. Down below is my old layout and although when I look at it now it doesn't look too bad I just feel it  needed a bit more airiness with better coordination :) It's amazing how something as simple as a new blog layout could create such motivation and inspiration to write again.

Old layout

Please feel free to ask how I achieved certain elements on my new blog layout in the comment section. I would love to hear all your thoughts and inquiries. Whew, now this feels like one great sigh of relief!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So...I recently watched your bra video and I dont mean to be offensive but Victoria secret don't know how to size for bras..I recommend you read
    I recently went from a 32dd to a 28f and feel so much better for it...its not a VS size...if you have any questions there are loads of people out there who will be willing to help

  2. Hi thanks for reading my blog and viewing that video! I definitely didn't take your comment offensively. it could be that the consultant you had wasn't experienced at measuring but I had two people measure me and they gave the same measurements (plus the bras fit much better than the C cups I was wearing lol) Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely look at the link you provided. I am definitely not an expert at bra fit and won't be shopping at VS all the time (too expensive!!) but it was nice to spoil myself with their bras just once haha


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