Thursday, August 14, 2014

Saying Goodbye

This is a over due post...sorry.

I've been putting blogging off to the side everyday pretty much since my last post. It's always in the back of my mind. I usually think of great topics and say to myself, "hmmm that's a good idea to write in my blog..." and then I never have the courage to actually write it! Well, here is an attempt to help me get back into the swing of things. This post is going to be dedicated to the topic of "friendship + saying goodbye."

I titled this post "Saying Goodbye" because I recently thought of all the friends I lost after high school. High school really is a different world. When you're in high school, you live in a world (more like a bubble) that makes you believe friendships will be long lasting until you're all old and grey! Yay! I remember I would walk around the block everyday after school with my best friend, and we would talk about such things as being at one another's weddings, spending every girl's night together, growing old, etc. Reality is, I am now 24 yrs old and my high school bestie and I are not in any contact whatsoever! It is sad to lose friends, but I have learned to say goodbye to the past and move on. Why should I be hung up over losing friends? If they really were my true friend, soulmate, best friend FOR LIFE, whatever you want to define it; they would still be part of my life right? Right. In fact, I found myself caring more about what she did after our friendship ended such as if she succeeded through school, her love life and more - all through social media. I bet she does not or did not do the same for me. It just caused more stress in my life from all the regret I was feeling.

*By the way, just in case you think this post is an angst post against an ex-friend - it really isn't. I  have no hard feelings towards this certain individual, and I don't waste my time looking up her life through social media anymore. She was part of a significant time in my life and I hope that maybe she feels the same way about me too...and if not, well that is cool too. We did have a fall out and had made amends, but life gets in the way I guess.

Losing friends is something we need to let go. We can't always be hung up on the "could have beens" of friendships. People change after high school. We all become part of the bigger picture, and sometimes those friends you had just don't fit within the lines of your masterpiece. Besides, what is the point of having so many friends? We're always told that quality is better than quantity. Well, I would say I may have a few close/best friends but they provide me quality friendships. As it is, I find it is difficult (maybe it's just me) to handle the amount of 'friends' I have on Facebook! Most of them are actually high school friends that I don't know on a personal level anymore but I get to see (through social networking) how they have grown since the time I knew them. I keep it simple with the close knit group of friends I have made throughout the years after high school. So far, they have all grown with me personally and we have kept very lovely friendships. I feel as though high school friendships can be a little superficial. It is like you were 'trying' out friends, going through them, and made to believe you needed to settle with them. Were we just friends for the sake having friends to uphold a good social status during high school?

From my personal experience, friendships after high school are so much more serious and long lasting (*no worries, I still have a couple of close friendships that stemmed from high school btw!!). But if you want to continue having friends just  for quantitative reasons then that's cool too. However, just know that it becomes a bit lonely when you don't have true friends to share and trust with all your secrets and are also able to handle all your crazy personal attributes :)

I want to leave off with this image that I retweeted on Twitter about ex-bestfriends:

Thanks for reading!
I'll have more fun and interesting posts very soon :)

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