Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fishtail on the First Try

I love the fishtail braid because it looks so intricate and effortless. Unfortunately, for the longest time my attempted fishtail braids looked more like a bird's nest braid hahaha... until recently when I found out a very easy and helpful tip that I learned from a Youtuber, LoeyLane. I've linked her YT video below! I couldn't believe that this one quick, and SIMPLE (like really simple it blew my mind) trick only involves the use of of ONE hair tye. When I tried her tip, I was able to get the perfect fishtail braid on the first try! Now I can really say that the fishtail braid is very easy to do and ONLY looks complicated!!! In the end, you get a beautiful but effortless hair style :) On the same day that I tried Loey's tip, I did a no makeup to full makeup look because I was just so happy that I actually pulled it off. It's great for days when you're having a bad hair day, or if you just want your hair out of the way! Please check out LoeyLane's "7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for School" video on YouTube HERE to know how I pulled the fishtail braid on my first try! <3

Ps. I thanked Loey through Twitter and she actually responded (and retweeted my image!!). She seems to be a really sweet girl and I recommend everyone to subscribe to her for tips and tricks on beauty, fashion & style :) 

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