Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Kickin' it Like Chun Li ;D

On May 27-29th I went to an annual Anime convention! This was my 4th year attending, and as always it was a lot of fun! And as always, there is a crunch time for me to make a new costume every year !!! This year I chose to be a videogame character named "Chun Li" from the classic fighter game "Street Fighter". I have loved this game since I was probably 6 yrs old, and Chun Li has been my favourite video game heroine ever since <3 I wanted to make a post with some pictures from the event!!! I know you may think I'm weird, but this event is soooo much fun EVERY YEAR! And it is so fun to get your picture taken like every few steps! It's like being a celebrity lolol ;) Hope you enjoy the photos and the nerdiness! Also, it was fun when most characters from Street Fighter and Capcom  all joined up to do a photoshoot! We even had some fighting matches (which was all fake of course) ;) You will see me doing some "fighting" as Chun Li <3

A guy had a pet ferret walking around & her name was Rosie! She was dressed as a "moogle" <3 

me and my friend Tam.  He was Mat Patel from Scott Pilgrim for one of the days!
lol Tam had this idea of course, he is in the background! My joke is, this is every fanboy's fantasy ;)

Me and another street fighter character, Ryu :) Epic pose!

a guy dressed up as battle background with "KO" on his face lmaoo

My friend as Cammy, and me! Fighting pose ;)


ROUND 2: VICTORY POSE for Chun Li ;)
Some members of our photoshoot!

lol Me fighting hahaha

I took him down ;)

Jack Sparrow <3 He was in character! Also, I asked him where the rum had gone!

Pedobear found me :(:( I look scared! lolol

being carried by my videogame crush, Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid!

Of course I took over hundreds of photos, but I can't share them all here! See you soon :) <3


  1. OMG I super love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to spend so much time when I was younger playing Street Fighter. I always used Chun Li or Ryu, and sometimes that weird floating priest.

    You look fantastic sweetie. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  2. hahaha thank you hun ! omg you look super hot in these pics ! hahaha you totally suit it <3


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)