Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miss Red Retro.

Hey Babes,

Just wanted to make a new post!!! By the way my birthday was on Monday June 27!!! I turned 22 <3 I will make another blog about that for sure.

These are some pictures I took on Saturday before my friend's 30th birthday party! My mom finally bought a RED couch, and I loves it !!! <3 I decided to take some retro pin-up photos :) Hope you enjoy...also, did I mention red is my favourite colour? ;D

Confused & Distressed



  1. Yay new post!

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!! Hope you got lots of presents and had the best celebration. :)

    You are looking super sexy in those photos. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  2. ohhh hottie. your red heels are totally matching with your sofa !

    hahah OMG yess i still havent forget that ! definitely i will get 'em some day and post em on my blog :P


Thanks for making my skies sunny :)