Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're now looking at a 2011 University GRADUATE!

On Monday June 13th 2011, I became a graduate of York University with a Bachelors of Arts w/ HONOURS!! My major is Engligh (surprising I know -.-). Anyways, I felt so proud that I made it through four years of University, because I really did not enjoy most of it. I really disliked my program but I bore with it through out these years. It just didn't live up to my expectations. Atleast I can say I made it with honours, and that I can use this experience for my future. It will definitely help me when I apply for "Librarian's College" in October! lol Yes, you do need an University education to become a librarian! (this is something everyone always asks me whenever I say I want to become a librarian)!!!!

My convocation was a very long process. We had to arrive two hours ahead of the scheduled ceremony time in order to be lined up my degree, name, etc. A lot of us girls were wearing heels under our graduation robes, and somehow managed to last over two hours standing up in our heels on cement flooring!!! I really don't know how I did it! The ceremony itself was another two hours, and included lots of long speeches, and all of us graduates being called up name by name to shake hands with the Chancellor, president of the University, Dean, and etc! Afterwards, I found my family amongst the crowd outside and took pictures of course! It was a very proud moment I must say. I am so glad I made it!!!

Yes, I did intentionally match my school colours ;) LOL!

My uncle and aunt :) (also my godparents <3)

me and my mom <3 love her sooo much (and my shoes getting stuck in the grass!!!)

I'm just a smarty pants, what can I say? lol jk jk ;D


  1. You look fantastic honey, congrats!!! An honours degree is no easy feat. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. you look very gorgeous hun ! love waht you are wearing ! super pretty <3 xxxx

  3. haha he was a bit of flirty hun (; lol x

  4. You're awesome, like really. I'm so proud of you!! :D Congratulations Miss Sonia, you're now one step closer to sexy librarian. ;) I love your dress, and those shoes are so cool!

  5. I KNOW they are soo awsome !!!! i need to save this pay that is coming up next week for my extensions so cant get it for a while. but i really want those pink ones!


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